Q 1. How would you describe your feelings having won a brand new car through a beauty contest?

I feel chosen by fate and destiny, it made me really happy and my family proud, it wasn’t easy but we thank God.

Q 2. Beyond the crown, do you see yourself as good enough to be a winner and which are those qualities that gave you an edge over other contestants?

Yes definitely, The FACE OF NIGERIA 2019 finals had 32 finalist who were potential winners given their pedigree and qualities but I had this believe in myself and what i represent, I don’t get easily intimidated, the platform had its rules and obligation towards the crown, I tried as much I could to focus on each layer as we were told….. But my strength and edge was my self believe, I don’t just see myself failing at any thing I put my heart to do.

Q 3. Has the crown, the car and the position changed your life?

Totally! Absolutely! I am actually based in Dubai, and I arrived some weeks ago, the ambience and reception I did receive in Nigeria aftermath the finals followed me here and I have some really good lucrative deals coming up shortly…. So yes it totally changed everything, it’s a perfect platform for any girl out there to start from.

Q 4. Most people see pageantry as immoral. Do you agree? Did you encounter such to influence decisions?

This was actually my first encounter so before I registered, I heard a lot about pageants and its way of making you do things for the title with Your body, but given the fact there haven’t been any form of scandal in past about the platform (6 years) and the winners blossom, I still went ahead to give this a try and nothing of such happened, I never encounter any form of sexual harassment, where I was promised the crown if I give my body… Nothing at all of such.

Q 5. What are those projects that you want to embark upon and how do you intend to pursue it?

I have a busy year ahead of me as I intend shuttling Dubai and Lagos in a bid to execute my pet project ( PURPLE PROJECT) I am from Bayelsa state and I intend partnering with my state government giving sanitary pads to girls in secondary school and also having healthy seminars to girls in secondary schools on sex education.

Q 6. Tell us about your background: full name, town and state, upbringing, and school attended?

Well I am from a family of 5 the 3rd child ,Peace Micheal botuaere from Bayelsa state a small town called elemenbiri,I had a Christian upbringing Braintrust international school kaduna ,year _2000_2004 Ebenezer comprehensive high school ifako ijaiye lagos year 2004-2009 i got admission to moshood Abiola polytechnic where I had my ND And finished year 2014

Q 7. Tell us your pageantry camp experience and how you would advise your daughter if she shows interest in beauty contest?

Camp was fun… Was more like a vacation cos we were camped at the beach, I had fun meeting and making new friends, the tension was much and it increased daily till the finals… Given the caliber of contestants, what would I say to my daughter if she was gonna take this route? Be yourself, listen to every rule and key decisions winning the crown, many contestants don’t win because they lie to themselves at the end point and don’t pay attention attentively when it is necessary.

Q 8. What lessons are we to learn from beauty pageantry and how do you think that, can change the society?

A lot, quite a lot, beauty pageant is the bedrock of purpose and confident every girl needs before embarking and taking on the world, it is a self educative platform which trains your mind and self worth, many celebrities today and women the world look up to were once Beauty Queens……(Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Beyonce, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Katy perry to mention a few)

Giving women a platform such as this is in turn creating an avenue where the younger generation can have a positive mentality as their role models have achieved same.

As the saying goes “Educate the girl child, you raise a Nation”… The pageant platform when done right does exactly this, which in turn affects the entire society.

Q 9. Some ladies prefer to migrate to Europe for greener pastures and end up as sex workers. As a queen who have made it here in the country, what advise do you have for them?

I have made it in Nigeria and also outside the country and I can say in life no matter the options there is and was always a choice, for every sex worker who ply their trade in and out of the country, there was a choice to learn a trade and stay at it… Most times the problem we have is chasing success by all means, this in turn makes you take a short cut, and short cut of making money comes with a price.

So I will advise ladies to always take and make a choice which would pay off better on the long run… Don’t be bother by your mates or what you see out there, just stay true to what is right.