Congratulations for winning the crown.

Q 1. Let’s start to say you are beautiful, and you won a crown for it. Does that in any way inspire a belief or dreams?

Yes, winning this crown has thought me that I should strive for what ever dream or anything I wish to become or have in life, putting in extra effort and not giving up.

Q 2. How would you describe beauty in its. context(I mean, in and out)?

I would start by saying that beauty is not only about our outward appearance but beauty is about a person’s personality, your interaction between you and your environment how kind you are to people, words and actions which you portray

Q 3. Do you believe that beauty is an assets(describe what more beauty can do)?

Yes, beauty is an asset the key to this is how one uses it, by being kind, courageous, helpful competent, capable of doing things and many more your beauty,

Q 4.what kind of person are you – qualities; carriage and goals and life aspirations?

I am a very open minded person, I love to help people as much as I can, I am an optimist, I believe that whatever I want and I put in a great effort I can achieve it, I aspire to be a great person not just nationally but globally.

Q 5. Tell us about your background: (your hometown, your upbringing; schools attended; how many siblings; parents), and how you were perceived while growing up?

I am from Awkuzu in Anambra state, I attended British Academy primary school lagos and my secondary school was Holy innocent juniorate Covent secondary school, nkpor in Anambra . My parents are God-fearing individuals, I am the second child out of 2. Growing up it was just I and my elder brother most times I usually get whatever I want from my parents but while I was little something changed my perspective. . I went for a holiday in my cousins place we were 5 altogether, I saw it as the survival of the fittest daddy wasn’t there to give me anything I want at the sight of my fake tears, I had to thrive to get what I wanted. This changed my thinking, in life to get what u want you have to work hard for it daddy and mommy are not always going to be there to give it to you.

Q 6. Is this your first attempt, and who encouraged you? Did you get opposition from parents; and either supported or discouraged by friends?

.This was not my first attempt, the first one I had to drop along the line due to some personal issue. My mom was very supportive in very aspect financially, emotionally and so much more. Some friends were not encouraging at all, their reason was because they thought I would not make it but I did.

Q 7. Who is your role model?

Genevieve Nnaji

Q 8. How will you explain the pageant industry?

Pageantry is a great platform in Nigeria for young individual to come out and give/show the society what they have to offer and I I will say that Face of Nigeria is also out to give young individuals such opportunity

Q 9. Every queen has a project or more.. What are yours, and how do you intend to achieve?

9My project as a queen is to make sure that I raise some fund from the government or the rich prominent men in the society to send the kids Hawking on the street back to school, and help the less privileged.