We appreciate all aspiring Delegate/Contestant /Applicant request and getting through to us within and outside the country on the quest to register for the FACE OF NIGERIA yearly edition.

From observation over the years, we notice most of you will be trying to participate for the first time, which is good and with the right efforts and willingness/drive you definitely can go all the way to win.

We will like to address everyone because we do get some complains,.. One of which is asking if the Franchise is real and if the hype truly is legit, and these questions always come from past experiences you all must have come across or heard in the past.

Now please this will help you all going forward, before you want to apply for a contest/platform like this or want to join a modeling firm, try and do a thorough visibility study on the brand/company and franchise, look at their history, look at their social media presence, look at the winners, try to follow the winners online to see if they indeed represent the brand and platform, look through their page on social media to know if indeed a final was held, where and how, also double check the brand name on Google to get more information, also try to get the name of the President and check his profile too online, look out for their press conferences and wider reach.

This will aid you, in knowing if you are in the right place or not, despite the fact we are a top top brand and the franchise has been standing for years now, we still have so many who don’t have a history and mislead the public alot, especially pageants with a maiden edition.

Yetunde Savage
National Director