Rules & Regulations


All Entrants must abide to the following rules & regulations. Any false statement given will result in the disqualification of rights to participate in at the FACE OF NIGERIA ORGANIZATION FINALS


Must be female, unmarried, never been with child and age between 17-28 years and must be at least 5ft5 in height.

Must be of good health, good moral character, possess beauty of face and figure and with good personality.

The Organizer reserves the right to reject or accept any application received

The Judge’s decision in all matters is final and no correspondences will be entertained.

The organizers shall be the sole authority for interpretation of these rules and regulations. Decision of the organization is final and binding.

In the event that any participants or winners are unable to fulfill her commitment and comply with the rules and regulation, the organizers shall have the absolute right to disqualify the said participants as a candidate or winners and she will be asked to leave the camp where the contest is held voluntarily and immediately.

The organizer shall not be responsible for any money and valuable belongings lost by the contestant during the pageant.

The organizer shall not be held liable in any incidents occurred to the contestant during the pageant contest.

The organizer reserves the rights to reject or replace any participant of the FACE OF NIGERIA ORGANIZATION in the event of the disqualification or the release from participation of such finalist application.

Once selected amongst the FINALIST delegates ahead of camp, kindly note that you will be fined for dropping out of the contest without 3weeks prior notice to the FACE OF NIGERIA ORGANIZATION OFFICER (#500,000 for defaulters).

The Organization has the right to change her “WINNERS TITLE” as regards to its franchise allocation.

Contestants should also note that taking the “INTERNAL AFFAIRS” between the organization and any of the winners to a third party without consulting the FON Organization first will lead to forfeiting of crown or automatic disqualification.

Monetary Processes and Marketing Prowess input required at any given stage of the competition leading to the finals is unrefundable


To arrive Boot camp and coronation final to be held in 2022.

To conduct herself properly during the period from her arrival in camp to the time of her departure after the contest.

Willing to obey and comply at all times during the period of the contest and to attend all functions as requested by the Organizer and shall not be excused from such non –attendance except prior written consent to the organizer.

To allow and permit the organization the exclusive right to use all photographs of the contestant and also for promotion. In this event, photographs of the contestants are not returnable.

To travel with the organization promotion crew on fashion assignment, visit to charitable organization etc.

To appear on television, radio, fashion shows or any media for the purpose of publicity and promotion of the contest.

Not to accept any private engagement during the period of the contest.

To attend rehearsals promptly when requested by the organization.

To be equipped with sufficient funds to cover incidental expenses.

In the event that she is a winner or amongst the winners, she is required to stay for a few additional days in the state where the finals is held for post event activities, such as personal appearances, modeling or commercial advertisement and the like as required.

The contestant will return to her last place of embark within seven (7) days or the first available flight after the contest or as ticketed.


she will be managed by the chaperon provided by the organization as her exclusive manager under the supervision of the organizer for a period of her reign from the date of her crowning.

She should not, by any time thereafter commercially exploit her title in any way whatsoever except exclusively through and by sole agreement with the FACE OF NIGERIA Pageant Organization.

To conduct herself during the reign as the FACE OF NIGERIA Pageant winner for the period of her reign and not commit any act of immoral, illegal or other similar nature which in the opinion of the organization may damage or bring disrepute to the title or the pageant.

She will not enter any female competitions or similar contest in the country after her reign , only continental and international franchise pageants will be allowed else she will be sued and dethrone


She will be provided with suitable hotel accommodation and meals during the entire duration of contest. Any other expenses incurred such as room service, telephone calls, telegrams, cables, additional food and beverages will be to the personal account of the contestant.

To provide local transportation to all contestants’ itinerary and schedules.

To provide security and chaperon for contestant for the entire period of the contest.

To control, advice, assist, supervise and direct the contestant as to her conduct and well-being during the contest.


“I declare that the above answers are given to the best of my knowledge and that I will abide by the terms and conditions governing the FACE OF NIGERIA ORGANIZATION pageant. I understand that I will be disqualified should any information I have given is found to be incorrect. I will make sure that I have a passport with a minimum validity of six months.

By Submitting your form, you have electronically signed/agreed to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the FON Organization.